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Building Blocks - House on the Mountain

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Building Block House On The Mountain blocks come in different shapes and sizes. This Montessori stacking wood toy is great to help develop logical thinking and will also create opportunities for creative solutions.

In addition, this natural wood stacker can develop and reinforce memory. After a certain time of playing with this toy, kids may have figuratively imagined what is needed at each stage, keeping this image in mind while assembling the blocks together.

This toy is safe for play and all surfaces have been thoroughly polished and all corners rounded to perfection. Also a great piece to use as décor! Made of natural and eco-friendly linden wood with a non-lacquered, natural finish.

  • Recommended for ages from 3+.
  • Dimensions: height 24 cm x length 18 cm x width 3 cm
  • Care: Wood is naturally anti-bacterial. Small dirt can be wiped with a alcohol-free wet wipe. Avoid soaking and mechanical friction. Wood is not water-resistant so it is recommended to avoid playing with water.