About Ash & Fifth

Hello there!

Ash & Fifth is a family-run business based in Singapore. The name of our store was inspired by our first-born, A. We were so excited to embark on our parenthood journey that it propelled us to start looking for stylish and functional items while expecting our little one!

Along the way, we found many wonderful like-minded brands from all over the globe that we now are very happy to work with. With you and your little one(s) in mind, we have specially curated these products for the conscious parent and child. We are truly excited to share them with you! 

We also know that parenthood can be a (wild) adventure. Their growing up years will be fun-filled with little adventures and the days can be short or long, happy or cranky, energetic or tired, but through it all - we've got you covered! We choose to only bring in products we genuinely love, and may you and your little ones love them just as much as they take their little steps into the big world. 

We hope you follow us on this little journey and thank you for supporting us!